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Welcome to Indian Vinny's Web Site!

    Welcome to my site.  I hope you will enjoy the information and pictures contained in this site.  If you are a Motorcycle Enthusiast I believe you will.  If you own and ride an Indian Motorcycle I am pretty sure you will!

    If you ride an Indian of any year and of any style and live in Indiana - you may be interested in our riders group.  Click on the email link below and request more information.





The Indiana Indian Riders Group is now re-forming!

We Are Not:

    We are not a traditional Motorcycle Club (MC).  We do not have scheduled meetings, club officers, colors, or dues.  We are not affiliated with any other club, COC, or organization of any kind.

Who Are We:

    We are a group of Indian Motorcycle Enthusiasts who enjoy riding with birds of a like feather, and live in the state of Indiana.  There are no Dues or Colors to purchase.  We simply gather and ride for fun and to various event and functions when possible. 

    We communicate primarily through email and meet at various public locations on Weekends and Holidays for Pleasure rides and Charity rides.  When was the last time you met a stranger on an Indian Motorcycle at 9:30 in the morning and rode with them for 2 hours and had lunch together?  This is what we do.

    While there was some activity and participation among my Indian Friends in 2004, We did not organize and ride as well and as often as I had hoped.  This was mainly due to my communication and availablity issues thanks to a hectic schedule with other activities.  I plan to be better organized and available more for 2005 and hope everyone will be more open to casual rides just for the fun of it.  I hope to see you all in the very near future!!! 

    If this sounds like a group of people you would be interested in riding with, go to the contact page, click on the email link, and request more information.  I will return your email with updated information as soon as I can.

Look around the site and enjoy yourself.

Don't forget to check out the LINKS Page.

I hope to hear from some of you real soon!